Monday, September 3, 2012

Overlook at Knox Hill Project: Project Updates

It has been a while since we posted project progress because well we have been too busy! For the last few weeks we have been working on the "Overlook Project ay Knox Hill"

The goal is to take a badly remuddled home and re-purpose it in the New Urbanist style. The goal is to draw attention to the "Million Dollar View" in the Overlook area and generate interest in the Victorian homes in the area and foster new infill development on the vacant lots in the area.

The house itself was built in the 1890's as a middle class Victorian. As typical of the time the servants quarters and kitchen was on the basement level . Which still retains some old plaster work. The main level contained the parlor and formal dining room and the second floor has two bedrooms.

Around 1920 the home has a craftsman makeover that added stained glass,  a craftsman fireplace, new wallpaper and a small kitchen addition on the back and craftsman era trim throughout the house. The house stayed in this 'time capsule' form until the 1990's when the house was seriously remuddled with new drywall, trim and some window replacements as well as vinyl siding which was over stucco. It is unknown when the two car garage was added in the front yard.

The only thing the poor house has going for it is the incredible view of the downtown.

The tenant of 9 years did not help the condition of the house which had to be in the most filthy state I have ever seen. Junk was 3 feet deep throughout the basement. The garage was piled high with junk and the odor throughout the house was unbearable. It took five Bagsters to eliminate the debris, old carpet and junk so one could enter the house without a mask.

The goal of course it to capitalize on the incredible view with a  new exterior and interior finishes and a new third level and rooftop deck.

First old drywall must come out as well as plaster. Floorplans are nearing completion and soon we can begin the permitting process.

One big plus was the rear elevated deck which is very well built and will just need new deck boards and contemporaty railing system. Our plan is to screen in the lower level to create a nice outdoor dining space.

There is also a very nice brick patio and stone retaining wall, and  planters which we have cleaned up.

The big unknown has been the stucco and based on our initial exploration, it looks like it will be easy to remove. So overall the pluses far out weigh the challenges.

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