Tuesday, October 30, 2012

KHNA Seeking Salvage Bid offers

KHNA is accepting bids for salvage of a three story fire escape located on the Save-not-raze II project in Knox Hill. The Fire Escape was installed on thsi home when converted to tri plex. It is being returned to single family and KHNA is selling this and accepting bids from now to November 15th. Although the escape has considerable metal salvage value KHNA is hoping it will be put to a more creative use.

The Fire escape is a three level with counterweighted staircase and a fixed stair between  second and third floors. There are two balcony sections. This unit appears complete and in good shape.

This could be used in a variety of ways. As reworked balconies, or a mezzanine situation or even reworked as a loft/library sytem in a residential loft.

If you are interested in taking a look please contact me at victiques@gmail.com. The proceeds from the sale will be used for historic preservation/stabilization efforts.

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