Saturday, October 20, 2012

Overlook Project Update

Not a lot of blogging lately as we are swamped with work! The Overlook Project has been consuming a lot of our time of late and a lot has happened and much of it is dirty hard work. The biggest visual change so far has been the garage. As you can see the grage is moving along. There were several concrete repairs needed and those have been done and painting of the suede gray foundation color is going on. The next step with the garage will be to rebuild the area over the two doors which will be re-framed with treated material covered with an exterior grade tile board ,with a wire lath and then stuccoed to match the garage. The old lift up garage doors will be replaced with modern track doors with openers

Work is continuing on the  raised foundation with old repairs being redone and again the gray suede paint.

We got tired of looking at the overgrown lot next door so we have done a minor cleanup and makeover which helps improve the look of out project.

Another big change in in the front porch area. This porch has the second floor cantilevered over it. Our intent is to build a new exterior wall and make the living room larger. This wall will support the new windows centered on the downtown view. This will involve adding a doubled 2x10 structural header with a proper corner and framing to properly support the second floor wall, which is currently undersupported by the interior wall of the  living room. In order to do that we had to uncover the actual framing which meant removal of the vinyl siding, tthe aluminum flashing, then the beaded board. At the same time we removed the stucco that was underneath the vinyl ( a dirty job). Now its all open and we can see how  things are actually put together. We were shocked to learn the corner post and porch beans are strictly visual and does not support anything!!! So much for they built better back in the old days.

Inside? All the old rotted drywall, and moldy plaster has been removed and we are getting back to the shell so reconstruction can begin!

As you all know the view is incredible from the house and I thought you might appreciate the views of the house taken fron the Viaduct .


Karen Anne said...

I'm confused... Are this house and the one in the previous post different houses?

Paul Wilham said...

Different homes: This one has a two car garage. In addition to our own historic hosue we are working on both Save not Raze houses The yellow italianate and the green second empire and this one.

So right now four projects PLUS our normal client work

Keystone Contracting Corp. said...
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josh said...

looks good!