Monday, November 12, 2012

Overlook at Knox Hill Project: Exterior Work Removing stucco and Vinyl

Four days of temps over 60 meant an obvious shift to the exterior of the Overlook Project. This is also some of the most difficult work as it involves big ladders and heavy stucco so care is necessary.

This poor house had suffered a number of indignities over the years. A "Craftman/Edwardian" remodel obliterated any Victorian Elements. At some point the original siding on the second floor of the front elevation had been stripped off and replaced with roof shingles (no idea why). Windows were also replaced on second floor with shorter ones meaning that they were not properly framed. That of course meant replacing some exterior balloon framing wood on the outside in window areas. The house was also stuccoed and over that was vinyl. That meant in total a layer of vinyl+foam sheet insulation+stringers+stucco+stringers+siding. In short a lot of work.

Vinyl removal is easy as its barely on there to start with. Stucco however takes lots of time. We finally determined the easiest way was to take a concrete saw score the stucco and the wire lath , then remove it in smaller 'sheets' about 2x4 feet. The wood underneath varies in condition but for the most part all the siding was shot on the south elevation. Not unexpected.

Basically we were taking the exterior back to its original undersiding (much of whick had to be repaired).
No way would we get new siding on in our work/weather time frame so we elected to Tyvek. Although we didn't use Tyvek but the Lowe's branded version which is the same but has there logo on it and is about 1/3 the cost. Still tons to do but we hope to get the East and South elevations resided before the weather turns awful.

From this vantage you can see the view from the front bedroom. This view makes it all worthwhile.

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