Thursday, January 3, 2013

Are you making a Historic Preservation Commitment in 2013 ?

For sale right now at 6K , This once grand Second Empire sits on a bluff with a commanding view of the Hopple Viaduct with views of both Camp Washington and the downtown in the distance. Who will be the visionary that see the beauty under that insulbrick siding?

On an almost daily basis bulldozers with funding from the state government, provided by the federal government, in a settlement that should have gone to those defrauded in the mortgage crisis, erodes the historic fabric of Cincinnati in the name of "Blight Abatement" and Cincinnati's importance in the world of historic architecture and preservation continues to diminish.

As once full blocks of Cincinnati, begin to look more and more like the neighborhoods of the vast wasteland,  known as Detroit, you might ask yourself how do we stop it. The answer quite simply is get involved in 2013 in a way you have never been involved before. Take the time to talk about the need to save our history to your friends, you family and most importantly, your city council.

Since we began this blog in 2008 with our Historic Preservation Bargains series, many homes have been saved, brought back from certain extinction by people who love history, love architecture and understand Cincinnati's unique place in history. At the same time the foreclosure crisis has resulted in far too many empty vacant homes, that could be brought back and saved.

If you check your local MLS there are hundreds of homes for sale in Cincinnati under 10,000.00 some as little as 2,000.00. They are in just about every neighborhood and in every architectural style. Without your intervention they will fall to one of two fates. Either purchased by a slumlord or investor who will hasten their decline or they will fall prey to a city bulldozer.

Maybe you have always thought about buying that run down house down the street or "urban pioneering' and making a difference. This year, 2013, is the time, you should do it before its too late.

Maybe you feel its too much to take on by yourself? Well, get some friends together, pool some financial resources and some free time and help take our city back. Maybe you run a scout troop or a youth group? What better way to teach history and bring forth a new generation of preservation minded people into the fold.

If just a 5-10 percent of the thousands that read this blog made a commitment to find and adopt a house in 2013, the impact would be huge.

The future of the Queen City is in each of your hands.

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