Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hannaford the housecat: 2013 A busy Year

Happy 2013 From Hannaford the housecat! No, I'm not in the south of France..I'm in my Solarium and I have decreed that all floors MUST have heated under-layments ..I like this warm floor! Look for a piece on this room makeover soon on this blog. In fact they will be bringing you a series on quick room makeovers this year.

So it looks like lots of things will be going on with Paul and Greg this year. The Overlook Project, a new urbanist makeover of a tired 1895 home, is plugging along. The save not raze projects, an Italianate Townhouse and a Second Empire home are both getting exterior restorations and will be resold to new owners who will complete interior restorations.

2013 Will also be the year that a new spinoff company is formed. Flux Development Group. Flux will be dedicated to the construction of new infill homes which will be sprouting up on vacant lots in the Knox Hill area. Paul and Greg are bringing together a team of craftsman and designers to bring quality new homes to the urban landscape. So whether you want to build a cozy empty nester shotgun cottage or a new town home you will now have some real choices. No cheap vinyl allowed ...real quality.

And of course the Nagele Merz house historic restoration continues and this car has seen the plans for the new carriage house and additions which are coming down the pike.

As for me...I have nap to take..all the work they do makes me sleepy!

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