Monday, January 14, 2013

Overlook Project: Balloon and Conventional Framing combined

One of the more interesting aspects of this project has been undoing bad decision making by previous owners. A case in point is the 'front porch'. This porch was not original to the house but rather done after the fact. This house like one down the street that is identical has a side entry with a  small bump out structure that acted as a vestibule. Most likely, by the time of the craftsman remodel, this vestibule had some structural issues and was removed.

In order to create a porch and entry a wall was constructed approximately 4 feet in from the east wall. Another wall was built in the basement to structurally support the new "outside wall". The problem with this change was that the second floor and roof structure were cantilevered meaning weight was unsupported. The end result was,that the corner has dropped about 3/4 of an inch making the second floor un-level in this area.

The solution was to tie the first floor ceiling joists together at the outside wall (with 2x10's). The next step was to to jack the corner of the house. This was done slowly so as to not cause any structure cracks. Once this was done a new exterior wall was built with a doubled top plate Over sized window headers and a tripled corner and center post framing between the future windows allowed for a significantly stronger structure capable of supporting the second floor.  Additionally we added 2x4's along the east wall first floor so that the ceiling joists supported by simple nailing to the balloon wall 2x4's are actually supported from foundation to second floor.Once the structure is completed the added interior wall can be safely removed and the room opened back to its original size.

More updates as they happen.


Karen Anne said...

I was browsing around from links on your webpage and got to the interior photos of the WIllows. Wow, those stained glass windows in the living room are wonderful. Are they original to the house? I don't think I've ever seen stained glass in the small windows above the fireplace/bookcase setup in a Craftsman house before.

Paul Wilham said...

Common in indy and cincy this case they are new. All the woodwork in this house is new. The prior owners ripped it out