Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Overlook at Knox Hill Project: Update: Exterior and windows

Some recent breaks in the weather has made it possible to get slightly ahead of schedule in some areas. One of those areas has been the framing restoration which takes the east wall back to its original location and reinstall of windows.

Correctly framing this structural wall has resulted in some "overenginering" on my part. Windows are special  "hurricane strength" with more substantial metal framing under them. Hurricane strapping and various metal connectors have been used to tie structural elements together. The windows also have a UV filtering which insures there will not be an issue of interior sun fade. This is critical on large walls that face South. Since I once lived in Charleston I am perhaps more keenly aware than most of storm preparation but while it adds some additional cost it insures the house will be standing even under adverse conditions. All a part of doing it right the first time. The windows are, to put it mildly a bear to install, especially the largest ones (4x6 feet), which weigh hundreds of pounds. They are not typical new windows you find at the home improvement store. We used a special rubberized membrane to prevent any wind driven rain.

Another big change has been the removal of the old wood staircase  which led to the old porch.

This set of stairs has been temporarily recycled to service the construction entrance door which will eventually have a full glass door in its place with transom. The new industrial metal stairs will replace it once its done.

At the same time we have spent a ton of time properly sealing any gaps in the wall structures with foam as well as putting in new R-13 wall insulation. Because of this home proximity to the rail yards (sound tends to travel up the hill) the use of thicker than usual window glass , careful insulating and a foam panel as well insures the inside of the home is remarkable quiet.

As of this writing we have one more 'Big window' to install and then we will repeat the process on the second floor. I can hardy wait to get then new siding installed

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