Monday, February 25, 2013

Overlook Project:: Windows update

This same set of window will be duplicated on the second floor
I feel bad about not posting more often but right now with so many projects there isn't the time. But I can tell you another "big announcement" is coming in the overlook district.

Today we installed the last of the living room windows and the 'view vista' is incredible with the city in the distance. I can only imagine it at night! The last of these windows went surprisingly well considering they weigh several hundred pounds thanks to the hurricane glass and special framework. Although there is the old partition wall to take out  (added when they created the side porch) the living room is now a full 14x20 feet.

We will soon be working on the step down trim panel and metal detail trim which will merge the two separate windows into one large bank of windows
We also recently took delivery of the exterior siding and  I will be detailing the install of the specialized process of the hardi panel system in a future blog. With the entire living room now enclosed and insulated it is remarkably quiet.

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