Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The 37 Flood. It didn't flood Knox Hill

The 37 Flood would be hard to imagine today, what with modern water control measures but in 37 but water came all the way to the foot of the Knox Hill neighborhood as you can see here by this photo of the intersection of Beekman and Queen City.Note the corner building seen here still stands today as does the Lunkenheimer Valve building. Hard to believe the valley flooded to this level.

This longer distance shot puts the destruction in perspective. The entire rail yards were covered by water.

From here we see the back of the Hill from the N Fairmount side. Some of you might still recognize this store building on Beekman as it still stands today. In the distance you can see the German reform church which also still stands today. Almost all the homes on the left of this photo are long gone.

Fresh water had to be brought into the residents in Knox Hill. This photo was taken near the intersection of Fairmount and Thompson. The houses seen in the background are all still standing.

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