Friday, March 22, 2013

Bloom St Townhomes Project: Forward movement

Things move quickly and we have been working on getting Bloom Street from being rentals to becoming luxury single family town homes. This transformation has begun with basic cleanup. Carpeting is being ripped out, assessment has been done and floor plans have been developed. The front yards have been mulched and cleaned up, Weeds are gone by the sidewalk, and already things are beginning to change.

Next couple of weeks will be very hectic to say the least, but change is coming to a street ignored for too long and forgotten by many.

I am amazed bu the level of completeness as to architectural detail and how something as simple as carpet removal begins to transform this property. Imagine with proper lighting new kitchens and baths, all the while overlooking the downtown with a 'million dollar view".

Apparently others see the value in this as we have had over three dozen inquiries already.

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Marilyn said...

Keep it up, Paul! You're doing good work.