Friday, March 1, 2013

Bloom Street Townhomes coming to Knox Hill Overlook District

An 1895 Double will be reborn as the Bloom Street Townhomes. The project initiated by Victorian Antiquities and Design, will be managed by their new spin off development/build group called Flux Development.

With multiple restoration and reconstruction projects, the time has come to take a more ‘developer’ role and Flux Development’s purpose is to manage a variety of projects from historic restoration and stabilization projects to New Urbanist infill development and historic style infill construction. We have a total of six projects and 5 building lots in Knox Hill now, and with several more in planning and acquisition. The expansion of the focus of the company is clearly warranted.

The Bloom Street Townhomes will follow the New Urbanist, modern, “edgy” development of the Overlook Project on Knox Street on the exterior, but will retain many classic interior features while clearly a modern exterior design. The buildings will be redesigned to feature the views of the viaduct and city and will include new third floor master on each unit with rooftop balconies to take in the expansive views. Units will be slightly over 2000 square feet each and have 3 bedrooms 3 baths each.

The larger unit will feature a more transitional interior retaining historic fireplace mantles and staircase details while the smaller unit will be more modernistic and open concept. Both units will feature energy star appliances, Hybrid HVAC and hot water systems and be highly insulated.

Sale prices are expected to be in the 160-195K range, though client customization could drive those prices higher. There is a pent-up demand for quality units at a reasonable price point with stellar views of the city. The Knox Hill neighborhood and the Overlook District in particular, is unique with its views and easy proximity to Findlay Market and the downtown.

Design Plans are being finalized and a target date for completion is late 2013.