Monday, March 25, 2013

Overlook Project: Siding!

After months spend tearing off Vinyl siding followed by tearing off a layer of stucco, followed by tearing off the dry-rotted wood siding, followed by wall and sill repairs....AT LAST, some siding is on the house! Never mind we are waiting for our new front door and industriall staircase, we are actually able to see what the "New Urbanist" color pallete will look. The colors are actually close to what we originally envisioned, two shades grays, the 'copper color" that will make up the panel systems, a greyed green and of curse the ebony for window and doors.

The great thing about the exterior is it will be minimal maintenance. All the trim work is a recycled PVC material, and of course the siding and panel system is all Hardi which doesn't rot, is insect proof and holds paint well.

So in spite of multiple houses, multiple projects, amazingly we are juggling it all pretty well.


Allyson Ripple said...

You did a very smart thing in choosing the materials, Paul! If you’d ask me, durability and everything that concerns longevity weighs more than the visual implications of the whole design. Not that your palette isn’t nice; I actually like the combination of grayish green and ebony! Looking forward to seeing the finished house! :) -->Allyson

Willene Fagen said...

This is really rewarding! It’s not an easy task, but you all worked well to reach this phase. Anyway, nice choice for materials; it’s really best to be more practical in terms of choosing material for the house. Not only because it’s cheap, but also the stability will make sure that it will for years.

Willene Fagen