Friday, January 31, 2014

"Back in the day tour": Knox Hill then.

One of the things that most people do not realize today is the sense of country in the city that Knox Hill residents enjoy. In fact most of the roads were gravel or dirt well into the 1930's. It was the WPA projects that brought real roads to the area. This view is of Knox Street taken near the intersection with Seegar. The 'bend' in the road was straightened and the house on the left is now at the edge of the road. You can see the larger mansions up on the hill to the right. The small cottage on the right still stands as well.

Going further up the hill we are at Knox and Luckey . This home still stands on this site and is remarkably unchanged from how it looks here. This home still has its original slatework.
The last stop on our tour today is the corner of Knox and Scully St. You can see this section of Knox is brick but that Sculley is still a dirt road (this was paved as part of the WPA project. All the houses you see in this view are still standing.
More "back in the day" tours of Knox Hill to come.

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