Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bloom St Project Update

I realize I haven't posted many updates lately on projects, so I'll try to get some updated information out.  The Bloom St project has been humming a long and has gone a long way from the section 8 rental is used to be.

The kitchen work continues and the semi custom "Ikea hack" island. Its always 'different' when you are doing a build out on a house you plan on selling as you have to build for your market not for your own personal design preferences. However in the end we will have what looks like a designer kitchen at a reasonable cost.

However its about blending of old and new and the medallions add a bit of upscale elegance to the space.
The mantle in the front room is being stripped and will be refinished in a proper marble finish and add a little more upscale elegance to the room and the woodwork which is surprisingly good condition  is being stripped.
Of course with the Bloom project its all about the views and I love this unique view of the industrial the viaduct and the downtown in the distance. Its amazing at night, all lit up.

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