Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring in Knox Hill Overlook District: Opportunities abound.

Things have changed a lot in the overlook district. Unfortunately the city took down one property that had to come down, Listing over 18 degrees and the foundation was failing, but its loss has opened up some new opportunities for new infill or relocation of an endangered house.

Its loss has made Bloom street more visible which bodes well for our project homes. The continued elimination of Section 8 rentals and their restoration provides many more opportunities for market rate homes. Looking forward to getting more green on this one as the insulbrick disappears and we get back to this homes 1895 roots.

One of the pleasant byproducts of the unfortunate demo is our Bloom Street townhome project is the new view of the Midwest textile building. That building is ripe for Condo redevelopment.

As more restorations are on going, and new infill starts soon, people are going to wonder just what is going on "On that hill over on the Westside?"

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