Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wanted" Preservation Hero with a "Higher Calling"?

The large tower and its front gable hint at what a great Queen Anne cottage this forlorn building once was.
Are you a preservationist with a 'Higher Calling". If you can see beyond this properties remuddled present you could own a large comfortable residence, and be a "Preservation Hero" who restores an important piece of Fairmount architectural history and be a key player in the northerly expansion of the Knox Hill neighborhood.

This was huge house, well over 3500 square feet  with room for expansion
Underneath the siding, the badly done gothic windows  was once an elegant Queen Anne Cottage on Baltimore. Built in a raised basement style to take advantage of the views of the valley, in its day this must have been the landmark painted lady and talk of the town. Yes its missing its square tower and its gracious front porch but those things can be recreated.

Stepping Stone ministries is selling this building "as is" after many years  at this location. See listing HERE . Asking price is 40,000.00 for the building.

I'm willing to help any buyer wishing to return this house to its Victorian past with free consulting and prep of a restoration plan and bid specs.

Why should you buy this run down old church you ask? You should buy it for its Queen Anne Tower, its location minutes to downtown, its a large residence, the fact that once you get rid of the shed there is room to build a one car garage AND because when you are done it should look like this.

With a proper porch and tower returned one can see how this could be the grand dame of the neighborhood.
If you have the vision, and the desire to bring back a once elegant lady to here prominent beauty, you can be a PRESERVATION HERO and part of the Knox Hill renaissance!

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