Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Historic Westside Property Recieves National Attention

Gorgeous restoration , well priced at only 149K, is likely off the radar of local buyers, will probably have a new owner moving from out of state .
This  is the fifth Westside property in the last few months to be featured on the nationally read Old House Dreams website and seems to point to the fact that, nationally, among preservationists , the Westside has a lot to offer and the world doesn't 'revolve' around Over the Rhine.

This grand restoration on State Avenue is one of dozens scattered all over the Westside in several neighborhoods and is just the latest to receive this kind of positive national attention.

You can read the piece on the Old House Dreams website:

While the Westside may be off the radar for locals it is definitely on the radar of may well monies preservationist who are buying homes. The housing diversity and quality seems to be particularly appealing., as those from out of state realize what quality architecture exists on the Westside. When you look at the comments made from out of towers about how great this home is, you begin to realize we do have a lot to offer.

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