Sunday, August 24, 2014

City DRIVES OUT homeowner/restorer in Price Hill..CALL CITY HALL!

Everyone knows this happens every day in this city. People come to Cincinnati to restore a house and live in it and make a difference and the city inspection services makes their life a living hell and they just give up. On Ebay, right now, someone has thrown in the towel and is selling their home at a loss BECAUSE of city inspections. The owner will lose tens of thousands of dollars and this property will likely be picked up by some slumlord who will NOT do the right thing . Ebay listing here

What makes this SAD and makes me OUTRAGED is this is DRIVING AWAY someone trying to do the right thing. I feel his hurt, his anguish, and his sense of frustration, as someone still in a battle to save my community. I want you to CALL CITY HALL, email the city council. Raise hell, call the Enquirer to investigate, and support this man who is trying to do the right thing but his like is being destroyed by city inspections. The City of Cincinnati should be ASHAMED of the way this man is being treated! You cannot grow a city with a city government who is driving people away. Maybe , just maybe, we can stop this from happening

I urge you to read what he says in this listing and put yourself in his shoes:

"I'm throwing in the towel -going back to a cardboard box in the woods Here is my dream house -cute bungalow , that still needs work , hardwood floors , new roof, lots of new remodeling ,solid ,but still needs a handyman -I bought the house last year from a bank ,paid cash $20,000 +, I started getting it ready for me to move in and city started fining me for old civil issues from previous owners ,requested a hearing because the issues didn't even exist, trashy yard, dangerous/dilapidated garage etc , -there is no garage by the way. People were living there previously,but hadn't been paying the bills and let the house completely run down . I had removed all the old roofs ,rebuilt the decking ,and installed new 30 yr roof, put in attic stairs , enlarged the bathroom, rebuilt kitchen and bath floors , replumbed ,and was making most other repairs ,but city just kept doubling and tripling civil fines. Still had work to do to make a nice house . I refuse to pay for crimes I didn't commit. Taxes are fully paid , and I doubt I can sell this house for a 10th of what the city claims it is worth ,I put a copy of the tax bill on here so you can see all the crap your taxes pay for, I just paid about $1700 for the tax bill also .I would have to quit work and devote a month to get it reduced ,or pay a lawyer. there are no bills due whatsoever on the property, I own free and clear and will convey such ,may not be long before I start getting liens as I am not paying civil fines .Please review crime statistics for Price hill area ,if you like city life -this is for you . Only about 1 in 10 people are victims in this area.. how bad can it be . Most of the murders and stuff have been on other streets . You do have a few nice neighbors, I regret just giving up , with $35,000 cash invested , but I can't keep chasing a dead horse. You would think when a man with no criminal record goes into a neighborhood , hires the unemployed to work , starts fixing up property ,trying to be a good neighbor, and making a home . Local government would want to do everything possible to assist , not fine -fee -and harass . . By the time I would be able to move in , I would have paid the city the cost of the house . I'm gone -joining the ranks of homeless criminals ."


Debbie said...

Wow, that's really sad.
It makes me really grateful that I live in a city that just lets us be.
I hope it all works out for him.

Nina said...

I will share this everywhere I can. I've gone through the same thing with my house. Many have told me to just slap some paint on it and get the hell out of this city. I've been in court for 3 yrs for restoring mine.