Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vote!!! On historic Preservation?

As you all probably know if you regularly read this blog, I am in Indiana and today is our primary. We all know the candidates positions on things like the war, gas prices and such but what do we know about their historic preservation positions? Clearly with the importance of this Election this is an "Off the Radar" issue but I thought Id just try to see what I could find out. Because it is such a "niche" issue I could find little out on the campaign sites. So I had to look at other resources.
Hillary Clinton: Save America’s Treasures is a program of the White House Millennium Council created in 1997 by the President and First Lady to celebrate the accomplishments of this American century, and to engage every sector of our society in giving "gifts to the future" that convey our rich heritage. Save America’s Treasures is a bipartisan partnership between the U.S. Government and private individuals, corporations, foundations and experts in the fields of architecture and historic preservation. Hillary Clinton was activly involved in the program. According to her Senate voting record she supported preservation issues 100 percent for all years available.

Barak Obama: Co-introduced legislation would designate Illinois' 17 southernmost counties as a National Heritage Area, qualifying the region for Interior Department grants for preservation, education and economic development related to tourism. According to project vote smart, Obama supported historic presrvation issues 100 percent for all years available.

John McCain: Supported efforts in 1999 regarding the National Parks Improvement Act. According to project vote smart John McCain scored a zero rating in 2005 and 2004. He did get a 60 percent rating in 2003.

In the interests of full disclosure I voted for Hillary Clinton in the Indiana Primary today

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