Monday, June 2, 2008

Comeback kids: Flowers and Old houses

As you can see my carnations are a bloom! nothing special until you know that these are from last year and they are still alive! I bought the basically indoor plants last year and used them in pots on either side of the front steps , after they were done blooming, they were just greenery. I changed the plants out but since they were obviously alive I didnt have the heart to pitch them. So I threw them in a flower box I built on the back deck. I couldnt seem to get anything to thrive there, because of the heat generated by the deck in the morning. Amazingly they survived. Well when fall came aroung I normally put in pansys or ornamanetal kale in that box but I decided what the heck, lets just leave them in there.
Despite our cold winter and snow and ice, they made it through the winter (they did turn a little brown in the middle of winter) but, Lo and Behold this spring they turned green as did the two I put out in the back yard by the pond and waterfall. As you can see, against the odds, they are blooming! Flowers are alot like old houses and neighborhoods, just when you think they can't make it they come back!

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