Thursday, June 5, 2008

Historic Covered Bridge Destroyed!

A tornado destroyed the Historic Moscow Covered Bridge which crossed Big Flatrock River , in Moscow, Rush County. This double span Burr Arch Truss structure had a length of 330 feet, or 346 feet including the 8-foot overhang at each end, with a portal clearance 15 feet 6 inches wide by 13 feet 6 inches high. Built in 1886 by Emmet L. Kennedy, this was the only double span bridge still standing which the Kennedy family constructed.

The F3 tornado with winds up to 150 MPH ripped through Rush County on Tuesday and destroyed several historic buildings in the town as well. This occurred just a few short weeks before the annual covered bridge festival. State and Federal authorities are still surveying the damage left by the tornado. It is unknown at this time if the bridge will be reconstructed.

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