Monday, August 4, 2008

National Night Out Tuesday Night

Neighborhood organizations, block clubs and Crime watch groups will be celebrating National night out with a variety of activites. Our local neighborhood is one of several hundred ornganizations celebrating tommorow night. We will have our local Police stopping by as well as people in city governmentand the crime watch program. We are also block off the street for a block party with food and music.

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The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Paul -
Thanks for your imput! We are excited to see what you come up with (of course mom is just thrilled to think of finding a match for her beloved Queen Anne somewhere!!) Anyway, you have a great blog and such fun resources that we've never seen before - we could spend the whole day on your blog!!
We only live 30 minutes away from Perrysburg, and were very sad to here about the school - our grandmother graduated from there. But, we are use to hearing such sad news, our high school in Gibsonburg was torn down and a new one was put up. It is so sad to see historic places come down.
Thanks for looking - and for you knowledge, and letting us know you are here!!
Karla & Karrie