Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ah "Pre-Spring"

Greg and I have decided that it is officially "Pre-Spring". Not being fans of cold weather we refer to the period between the first snow and the first 70 degree day as "Pre Spring" as it is decidedly less depressing that referring to this as winter!
We did manage to put up our tree this year, though with our Indy house for sale we decided to not go over-the-top this year in yuletide decoration. Although I think our Realtor would agree that there is little chance of selling a quarter of a million dollar plus house in the middle of winter much less in the throws of an economic recession.
As usual I get my "decorate our house for the holiday party" client requests and I have decided to not accept any new clients this year for our services. I have six client's homes to do over the next two weeks. It always struck me as odd that people pay other people to come in and decorate their homes for the holidays but if you are looking for a "period Victorain look" for your holiday party , well you either have to know what you are doing or pay for it.
As I said this year we just put up the tree and a few things here and there, just enough for our Christmas party and dinner. I shot these photos last night, the house looked all warm and cozy. To think after totally restoring this one, what are we doing? Working on another in Cincinnati so we can repeat the process all over again!
Ah "Pre Spring" I am already planning where the gardens, walkways, gazebo and ponds will go at the new house.

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