Friday, December 19, 2008

The Restorers Library " Pallisers New Cottage Homes 1887"

From Time to time I like to recommend reference books that may be of interest to Old House restorers, Palliser's New Cottage Homes 1887 is a reproduction of the rare catalog that originally was published in 1887. It includes 1,500 detailed drawings of floor plans, elevations, perspective views, architectural details, and interior ornamentation and is has designs for villas, farmhouses, town and country places, barns, and city brick block houses; and fine-lined illustrations of windows, eaves, and other architectural elements.
I have found this to be a great reference source in designing period details for old homes. This book is available from Dover Press for 14.95. But you may be able to locate a used copy on Ebay for less.

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