Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Wonderland?

Those who know me well know I hate cold weather. There are just so many things I'd rather be doing than stuck inside. So today will consists of more doorknob restoration, maybe take a crack at a Newel Post I plan on using on the Knox Hill project .

We awoke to 10 inches of snow this morning and should have 12-13 inches by noon when this ends here at the Indy house, I read that Cincinnati got ice and snow and is having power outages. Here its just wet snow and lots of it. Schools are closed, most businesses are closed or delayed. Greg wisely decided to wait until after the rush hour to go into work and we first had to shovel the jeep out 2WD not 4WD so at best he will have challenging drive. Traffic is doing "maybe" 25 mph on the interstate system here. Our street is plowed since it is near a school. While parking in the carriage house is nice. the reality is that it is near impossible to get out as the alleys are not plowed so street parking makes more sense.

The good news is this ends around noon followed by sunshine. Maybe this will be the one and only major snowfall of the year? For those of you that enjoy the quiet beauty of winter some photos I took this morning

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