Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Class Action Lawsuit could result in Drywall Recall

A class-action lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in Miami against a manufacturer of Chinese drywall, follows at least two others and may result in an eventual drywall recall.

This high-sulfur Chinese drywall installed in homes during 2005 and 2006 has been linked to more than 100 complaints at the Florida Department of Health Complaints include an odor of rotten eggs, sickness and metal corrosion in air conditioners. The drywall 'outgases" the sulfur and causes major deterioration to electrical wiring and electronics in the home.

One consumer agency has stated that this drywall has been found in 41 states. America's Watchdog, has said that 250 million feet of the drywall came into the United States from China. The drywall entered into ports located along the West Coast - including Long Beach and Oakland, California, and Seattle, Washington. It also entered from ports in New York, New Jersey and Florida, the group said.
This drywall appears to have been sold in Ohio.
Many U.S. drywall manufacturers could also be affected because Knauf Plasterboard - the Chinese company that manufactured the drywall - sold the material to U.S. companies through a "private label" program, America's Watchdog said. Under such an agreement, Knauf supplied drywall would be re-labeled and distributed under the U.S. manufacturer's name.

This could potentially affect contractors or even home remodelers who purchased drywall. Often there have been complaints of a rotten egg smell on humid days. Some of this drywall was stamped KNAUF on the back. Signs of a problem will include black 'smudging" on electrical wiring. Exposure to the Chinese drywall has also been reportedly linked to potential health problems, like insomnia, nosebleeds, headaches and breathing difficulties and estimated 300,000 homes built or remodeled between 2005-2007 could contain this product.

In addition to the smell of rotten eggs, these are other signs that your home may be defective:

Frequent replacement of A/C system or refrigerator components (such as air coils)DANGER: If you have experienced loss of "Freon" or refrigerant from your A/C system, it may have leaked into your home from sulfer eaten pinholes in your equipment. Wiring that has turned black and/or is corroded. Piping that has turned black and/or needs replacing. Silver jewelry turning black.Electrical problems. Respiratory problems

This is just the latest of a series of issues with Chinese manufactured products

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