Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Restoration Resources: Wallpapers

Though it seems like its a long way off on my own house restoration and usually one of the very last things you do, quality "document wallpaper' is perhaps the crowning touch to a room restoration. Although it seems far off I will likely be ordering wallpapers soon to have them on hand for that step. Many are fearful of wallpaper, worried about actually Pasting and hanging. We do it everyday, it just requires patience and attention to detail.

There are several companies out there that you have likely heard about who do period wallpapers. Bradbury is possibly the best known. However there are many other options out there and one of them is this "Alhambra" wallpaper from Burt Wallpapers http://www.burtwallpapers.com/pat.alhambra.html this paper comes in a 18 inch wide roll and has a 15 1/2 repeat and sells for 82.00 per roll. It is based on a late 1880's period original wallpaper.

Not inexpensive but certainly one of the highest quality papers out there and maybe the crowning touch for a formal parlor or hallway. Burt wallpapers offers several designs based on period original from the 1840's through the 1930's and the company can recreate and reproduce wallpaper from historic fabrics, essential if you have an original fragment of paper and want to do a true authentic period restoration.


Quim said...

Was there much stenciling at that point ?

Paul Wilham said...

Yes, stenciling was a highly regarded art form. For those of the "lower class' stenciling was a less expensive alternative to wallpaper which might be beyond their means. At the highest end of victorian society, artisans were brought in to hand stencil or even create custom designs and muraled ceilings. You typically find the higest level of stencilling at the highest levels of victorian homes, where people "of means" did not want to run the chance of having the same wallpapers as their neighbors.

Often traveling artist did unique, one of a kind designs.

In fact tiffany studios did high end stenciling. The Mark Twain house might be one of the best examples of this "High Art"

And yes, I do one of a kind custom mural work and stencil designs for our clients. It sets us apart from many in the field. We also can duplicate original stencil designs.

Karen Anne said...

Thanks for this post. I want to wallpaper some rooms and a hallway when my house projects get to that point. I haven't seen decent wallpaper anywhere around here, and haven't shopped for it ever.

p.s. Your comments area comes up as a tiny popup that can't be expanded, at least with the Firefox browser. Some blogspot blogs do that, and some just go to a new page, which is a lot more readable, imho.