Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Storms, Trees and my neighbors Mercedes

Indianapolis had quite a few storms blow through this morning. In fact I had to cancel a client consult today because of the bad weather.

We had about 1 1/2 inches of rain blow through in less than 15 minutes along with very strong winds. Fortunately for us no huge trees around us and I purposely selected willows around the property because of their flexibility.

So the storm blows through and I walk around checking out the house up here, making sure everything was OK. So I am looking out the second story window and I realize I seem to have better view of my neighbors house across and down the street. It took some time to realize that one of the several trees around the house was not standing but in fact sitting on the roof of my neighbors Mercedes! He hasn't had this one for very long and it replaced an older 500 SEL he had. I can't imagine how he feels right now.

On other news we have received very good feedback on our house up here from our most recent viewing, I hope they come back for a second look. I am so ready to be in Cincinnati full time.
Tonight, if the storms finish going through, is our annual National Night Out Block party for our crime watch program. Lots of food and fun, IF, this rain ever stops.


Anonymous said...

Willows like water. Their root system is devastating to pipes.

Paul Wilham said...

Thats true many of the older varieties were very invasive, however many of the new varietal are bred for a more urban setting and pose less threat to pipes. Of course, on this house Everything from the street to the house is new, no old tilepipe or cast iron to contend with!