Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays Preservation Community,ResErection Inc Website Down!!!

The ResErection Website that had been marketing historic and landmark properties for sale for dis-assembly and relocation, is, for the moment, closed down.

All the ads are gone replaced with "ResErections, Inc. We are on a Strategic Retreat To Florida For the Season !!" so, for the moment, there are NO properties being "pimped' for sale!

As regular readers know we "exposed" ResErections Inc. as recently advertising the Landmark Ouerbacker Mansion in Louisville, which according to the owner, he had neither authorized or spoke with the owner about marketing the house and had NO intention of selling it.

So for the moment, Cincinnati's architectural treasures are not being "hawked" to out of state, or country buyers!

A minor, if only temporary Victory, but a Preservation Victory Non-the-less!

Merry Christmas Preservation Community!!!!

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