Monday, April 26, 2010

New Series : Antique of the Week

This is a new series we are starting each Monday Afternoon we will feature an antique from our inventory for sale ata special price. Many of these are quality "entry level" antiques that are great for the Old house restorer who may be a little short of cash but it trying to decorate in the Victorian style. Regular readers have a chance to get a good quality antique at a very attractive price.
This is a lovely RED Victorian tufted parlor chair and has been recently reupholstered. The wood has nice carved details as well. A great side chair that would look great in any formal parlor , entry hall or bedroom. Offered at $125.00. More information here:

Available for pick up only in Indianapolis but we can make arrangements to meet you in Cincinnati on weekends for pickup there, or we are happy to work with your shipper. Good Victorian Parlor side chairs of this quality are getting increasingly harder to find and are a bargain at twice what we are asking for this one.

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