Friday, September 10, 2010

Make your own "no sew" Victorian Mantle Scarf.

Your mantle may look a little bare or the Holidays are coming up and you'd like something different that a piece of garland taped on you mantle. More than likely an original mantle scarf is a piece of Victoriana that you'd like to have but they are almost impossible to find. It's very likely that you are "Sewing Challenged". Sewing is not something "taught' to young people today whose only dexterity is the ability to text at lightening speed, or you might just never have figured out how that sewing machine with the 500 page manual actually works.

Well this project is easy (NO SEWING REQUIRED) and can be made with scrap material you already may have and  a couple of dollars of fringe you can buy at a craft store. The only tool you will need? A hot glue gun and just about everybody has one of those stuffed a drawer somewhere.

This is the basic pattern. Measure the length of the area you want to cover. the width should be the width of your shelf plus an inch or so, No more than 2 if you are using fringe on the edge. Add 2 inches to whatever that length is. Your front fringe should be the length you need plus 2 inches and if you want a piece of  gimp at the back the same two inches apply.

Construction is easy take your cut fabric and turn in over to the back side fold all your edges over 1 inch and if you have an iron handy iron that to make a crisp edge. Simply lift up the flaps and fold them back. Take your glue gun and run a bead of glue , then fold over the edges. REMEMBER glue guns are hot so use caution. Once the edges are glued, flip the fabric over to the front side and glue your fring and  gimp on..

You can also use this technique to make matching table runners with fringe on the short ends, a table runner or even a piano scarf.

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