Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Antique of The Week: Estey Parlor Organ

Before there was TV and radio, and computers, Wii's and IPOD's and all the other 'stuff' we have to keep us entertained. No self respecting Victorian Homeowner would be caught dead without a Parlor Organ. These were the home entertainment center of the 1800's

This "high style" model would have been found in an prominent place in the formal parlor. This one as Estey is about as high style as you would find. Impressive detailing abounds with numerous carvings, burled walnut and just an exceptional renaissance casework.  8 stops, nice keyboard, just a beautiful display piece for all your "sitabouts". This will need a bellows reseal if you choose to use it for playing purposes but a minor repair. The real value is in this impressive casework and details.

We obtained this piece several years ago, and its been in my private collection ever since. This piece came from  Northern Indiana and had been in a small church for many years so it was lovingly maintained.. I have too many pump organs in my collection (I've been "hoarding" them for years) and we are picking up a  couple of large scale sideboards and dressers so something has to go.

Priced at a very reasonable 475.00, less than you would pay for one that has been sitting in an attic or garage for many years and would need refinishing.  I've sold comparable quality pieces for 750-950 in our shop so this is a great deal. Must be picked up in Indy. We will help you load it. We have several organ stools in a variety of styles and prices range from 75-250.00 if you need one.

With the holidays coming, this might be the perfect gift for your house restoration and its a piece that will only go up in value and rarity. For more information please contact me at

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