Friday, November 19, 2010

Antique of the Week: Paris Anyone? A rare Collection!

Collectors , well they collect things, sometimes a great cost. Othertimes seemingly simple things collected at the time, amass value later on.

Such is the case with todays Antique of the week offering. Whether you are an architecture buff, and art collector or a historian, this has to be one of the more unusual and most complete collections of its time. WW1 ended on November 1918. We will never know why the individual who amassed this collection did so. What we do know is these cards were not available in the US so it is presumed that the person who put together this  unique book traveled to Paris, bought these postcards then painstakingly cataloged them and  went into great detail describing the sites. The collection is dated 1918 on page 1.

The book itself is a fine embossed cover is labeled "souvenier cards"  Each postcard is in a holder and in places they have been carefully labeled with typewritten (Remember typewriters?) text.

There are 155 cards in this collection. These cards feature sites such a "Avenue des Champs Elysees", 'Pont de l alma", "Rue de Rivoli",  " Fountaine Carpeaux" and hundreds other. The street scenes show the Second Empire "Mansart" designed Buildings as well as very early motorcars. Some of the scenes depicted were forever changes when WW11 came so this is a rare glimpse of Paris as it left the Victorian age and moved into  the new century. If you could find them. which could take years to do you would pay between 7-25.00 for just ONE card!  While we could make more money selling these individually we believe collections such as this should be maintained, intact.

The Ultimate "Christmas Gift" for the Historian, rare book collector, architect , postcard collector, or lover of all things European, we are offering this rare collection for the reasonable sum of 250.00 and shipping is included in the lower 48. We accept paypal of course. Please contact us at
if you would like to make this rare collection yours.

Antique of the Week is a series dedicated to bringing quality antiques and collectibles to our readers, we do the work, finding the rare and ususual so you don't have to! looking for something special, ask us we may already have it or can find it for you!

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