Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Antiques Shopper : Exit 76 Antique Mall

From time to time I try to cover regional antique dealers and malls to enable you to find good resources for your home restoration or your homes furnishing needs. We have decided to brand these blogposts under 'The Antiques Shopper" and will throughout 2011 try to bring you at least once a month a review of a regional Mall or dealer that we think provides good values and inventory and is "Worth the drive"
Finding early furniture is getting more and more difficult but this nice desk shows you can still find it here.

Exit 76 Antique Mall is located in Columbus Indiana and is one of the largest antique malls in the state of Indiana with over 72,000 square feet of space. The site has plenty of parking and is just north of a major Outlet mall at the same exit.
This booth had some great lighting and most of the hanging lights pictured were priced from 35-75.00!

Overall its definitely the better part of the day to see everything, especially if you are the kind of buyer who literally looks at everything. The mall is well laid out with standard size booths and they have a numbering system and provide a cheat sheet so you can write down booth numbers and what you saw that you might like to come back for.

The mall is well staffed and if you find something they will take it up to the front for you, for checkout when you are done. There is also an ATM on site and I recommend paying with cash or check and don't be afraid to ask for any discounts as there is almost always 10 percent and sometimes more. Of course they accept Visa and master card.
This Victorian settee came with two matching side chairs and the whole set was priced for less than what Ive seen just a chair sell for.

What you will find. Everything. They have some craft items confined mostly to the North End, unlike some malls there isn't 'junk masquerading as antiques, Most items fall into the pre-1940era. I have shopped here for years. Several book dealers (I picked  up a first edition history book  from the 1840's for less than 5 bucks). I have scored some major finds at this mall over the years including a Belter chair I bought for 40 bucks. Bargains are there and its worth a visit anytime you are close.

Exit 76 Antique Mall ,2595 North Executive Drive, Edinburgh, IN 46124-9067, (812) 526-7676 Website at:

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