Monday, June 6, 2011

Woodruff Place Flea Market and Woodruff Place Neighborhood

Not only yard sale items but architectural items like doors and mantles are often found at the market
Every year the Woodruff Place Neighborhood in Indianapolis hosts the annual Woodruff Flea Market. I must admit I've been too busy to attend  for the last few years but we took a rare day off Sunday to enjoy this great event and walk the neighborhood.

Years ago an overgrown lot by what was once a run down house. Today a one of the nicest gardens in the city and the house beside it restored to elegance.
Woodruff Place was originally built as a planned "suburb' although today most would consider Woodruff 'downtown' The area suffered after WW2 when most of its grand mansions were converted to apartments, Today Woodruff Place has made a tremendous comeback and is  one of Indianapolis's latest Historic Districts.

There was a time when few could conceive of its turnaround but the facts are there all it took were dedicated Preservationist who could see the "value' in an old tired neighborhood.

One of the many stunning restorations
Hard to believe you are just a few minutes to the center of the city.

Probably won't be long before this huge shingled mansion will be restored to its former glory
Cincinnati could learn a few things from Indianapolis.


Randy Simes said...

Woodruff Place is quite small...something like eight blocks when sized comparatively with downtown Indianapolis' blocks. In fact, it doesn't look much bigger than the tiny Columbia Tusculum neighborhood in Cincinnati.

Paul Wilham said...

Randy Woodruff is 77 acres, roughly double the size of the land(40 acres) MSD is proposing to demo in Fairmount for it's 'ditch' project.

As a question of functionality smaller historic districts make a lot of sense as you can have targeted focused development. The benefit of Woodruff is it has helped drive the restoration of Cottage home, Holycross and other neighborhoods near it

Randy Simes said...

I agree with that theory that it is better to start small and have the impact radiate outward from there. Are the surrounding neighborhoods you mention just as nice (well maintained) as Woodruff Place?