Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Restoration Project: Clawfoot Tub Feet

As I mentioned in yesterdays post we now have a clawfoot tub to replace the one stolen when this house was in foreclosure before we bought it. Of course that means more 'projects' and one of those projects is to restore the feet for our clawfoot tub.

These has been painted multiple times but were also a little pitted from moisture so after a good stripping with a orange based  non toxic stripper we then use a dremel tool to grind any paint off that was left and to remove any burrs or scratches in the Nickel. Yes that are nickle plate and while that would have been nice they just were not good enough finish wise to use and having them replated would be cost prohibitive. So we determined to keep with the classic motiff and paint/gild them.

Now we have the exterior of the tub to paint and stencil but that project is a ways off. I will keep you posted. Overall, when you compare the before and after, it is like night and day


Karen Anne said...

Raise your hand, everybody who didn't realize that there were actually visible claws on clawfoot tub feet...

Paul Wilham said...

Interestingly enough, not all "clawfoot tubs" have "claw' feet. Some are kind of a Rococco designs but I love the feet on this tub. Once the outside is painted and stencilled, it is going to be a very "over the top' piece.