Friday, April 20, 2012

The Restorers Library: "In the Victorian style" by Randolph Delehanty

The Restorers Library is a continuing series about books we feel are essential for anyone restoring an older Victorian home.

In the Victorian Style by Randolph Delehanty is more than the typical "Picture book" of Victorian houses, although the photography is stunning and done by Richard Sexton. This book provides valuable insight into how the Victorians lived. This book followed the creation and history of San Francisco and places the Victorian style in the context of that particular city, however what the reader may find most fascinating is the details. For example there is  section that explains what room were public, private and the domain of servants. It shows the difference in room layout as the Victorians transitioned out of the 'servant era'.

Architecture is  large focus of this book and there are illustrations of various bay window styles, brackets etc. Even how neighborhoods were laid out and sold. In short it is  fascinating book and will give you some interesting insight that will translate to your own home restoration.. The softcover version sells for 24.95 though a quick check on Amazon shows a price of as little as 12.95 new and if you don't mind buying used , prices as low as 1.25. I bought mine on ebay for  5 bucks.

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