Saturday, October 27, 2012

Antique-of-the-Week: A marble top parlor table

As we near Christmas, yes I said Christmas, we will try to do more antique of the week postings to help you with your Christmas shopping or just to reward yourself for all that hard work you have done restoring your home.

Today we offer a nice small Victorian side table. Now this table came to us with a badly damaged wooded top and as luck would have it we came across a piece of marble just the right size.

This table stands 29 inches tall and has a 17x26 top. The legs have some nice incised carving and of course its on castors.

Priced at an affordable 195.00. Can work with your shipper or you can pick up in Indy or Cincinnati, Antique-of-the-week is an ongoing series aimed at the home restorer looking for affordable antiques. Contact me at if you are interested but better hurry, these go quickly.

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