Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just In: A remarkable Aesthetic Movement 3 piece Parlor Set

The stars and moon must be in a rare alignment, because we are finding some remarkable new finds. Such is the vase with this just in American Aesthetic Movement three Piece Parlor set.

The Aesthetic Movement was a move away from the more formal Rococo styles and even to some degree the  Renaissance style. The Aesthetic Movement was a sort of transition from the more exuberant Victorian era to the Craftsman era.

Of course, within this movement it took many forms, in some cases towards the Anglo-Japanesque, or in this case, a more restrained example that dealt more with the artful carved images of leaves. In either case the Aesthetic movement blended style with nature and was in some ways a precursor to the more honest and simpler craftsman ethic.

This set with its design themes is probably a Cincinnati or Grand Rapids manufactured set designed to go in an upper middle class parlor. The Settee in particular is most attractive with its central back flanked with two carved panels on either side. The Arms are separated from the main back to create more airy open design.

The chairs reflect the arm design in their side design. All in all, a nicely designed set that would be different than the more formal Renaissance and Rococo and perhaps even a bit daring and exotic for the day.

This set has older upholstery with some minor issues, but is serviceable for the typical parlor. My initial temptation was to reupholster it in a two tone scheme, but why argue with success and a nice presentation as it.  We will replace some of the arm gimp before sale and replace few missing nail head trim nails, that held the gimp but it will be a very presentable, and reasonably priced, parlor set in our inventory.

If this Aesthetic Movement Set speaks to you, speak to me at about pricing info and how you can make this yours.

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