Friday, May 8, 2015

Burgman Building: Garden Discoveries

just a little cleanup and mulch is starting to redefine the space
After several days up and down a ladder on the saloon commercial space I needed a break from climbing so I decided to do something less physically tiring, like landscaping. Well it was tiring but more interesting!

lots and lots of Hostas
It took a lot of years of work and dedication to create this space.
One of the things we have learned about the Burgman Building History is Ferdinand  Burgman II who lived in the building all of his life up in addition to being president and board member of the local bank was apparently an avid gardener.

This area has a lot of rocks in it and is raised slightly. Several old Peony bushes line the walk
Huge Hostas at least 50-60 on the site and some are 5 ft across!
We knew there was "stuff' in the yard but you don't know what's there until spring and as they say spring has spring. The primary garden is a space 60 feet wide and 50 feet deep.

The scale of the lawn walkways is huge, cant wait to get the undergrowth cleared.
It is one of several garden spaces on the property and we have a lot of property! The main lot is 105 x 170 feet with a 'jog' that goes out to the alley of 55 x 65 feet.

The "grotto" believe it or not there is a gravel pathway, edged in brick and somewhere in the background (under lots of English Ivy) is where we think the pond and waterfall is.
While its a generous lawn space probably 60 percent of the site is garden space of one kind or another.
I've never seen red tulips with blue/white centers that were hidden in the under growth.

Sorting it all out will take a while and a lot more trimming and cutting than I was able to do in a few hours but boy does this look promising!

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