Thursday, July 9, 2015

Burgman Building : Facade painting and other projects

The front of our building is wonderful. Unfortunately the two tone pastel pinks and green combo (since 1985) does not do it justice. The property deserved a 'formality' that the colors on it didn't project. The green (added by the prior owners) was fine, but it needed more to compliment it and accentuate the detail.

We elected to us black for the columns (we may faux marble the lower sections and we are undecided at the moment). To pull out detail we used a gold color called "butternut" which closely approximate the golden ochre colors used in the Victorian era. Once we get more painted we will likely add a crimson or burgundy accent color as well. So far I like the new look and we have had several compliments about the new paint scheme

The Hostas and Lilies are blooming and the gardens area sea of blooms.

After a many hours of work the old green kitchen wall in what was an "open space apartment" is being transformed into a proper master closet for the new master bedroom suite. Gone is the dark green replaced with a creamy ivory. These built ins were totally unsuited for a kitchen but they are ideal for a gentleman's closet and dressing room. I will be adding some period crowns molding and trim and the hanging lamp gets replaced with a more period appropriate lighting, but this is well on its way

We will use a combinations of custom baskets and open storage but it should serve us well when complete. Some cabinets may get cedar lined for closet storage but initially I think  we will live with this for a while, get stuff moved in and see how it works and then tweak it a bit, but some drawers will be added , I'm already sure of that. because of the master bedroom suites size 24x37 feet., we have huge space to create a grand master bedroom and provide generous closet space and a master bath all done in a 'period framework'.  The design ethic here is to create a grand space that is both comfortable and scaled to the size of the room. Hopefully we are on our way,

With everything else going on? We have new inventory coming in, This is a unique piece that appears to be a top for a buffet or even could serve duty with a fireplace, or even incorporated into a small back bar or wine alcove. Lots of possibilities with this piece and I love the beveled glass.

Another "Grand Piece" . This slate mantle was tucked in an attic in a local Logansport home for decades. This consigned piece is part of an estate liquidation. Wonderful design, and  a superb example of Victorian painting artistry. It is missing the top, but we have a slate top that would work with this and we can custom finish it to match. Contact us for details .

More blog posts coming, as we find the time!

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Sissysmom said...

You are making wonderful progress!! I can't wait to see it in person. Hoping to make it back to Indiana for a visit next summer. My hometown is not too far from Logansport so will definitely make a trip there.