Thursday, September 3, 2015

Burgman Building: Some more history revealed

People just keep stopping in and telling us their stories about this Burgman Building. We met some former neighbors who were present when the 'big auction' was held years ago after Mr. Burgman died. The furnishings were quite elegant and dealers came from all over to bid. He talked about the copper  tub that was in the back building they drug out from under a bunch of stored stuff. The star of the auction was a 1959 Chevrolet that was in the garage and had been sitting for years. I wish I could go back in time for that one as I'd be outbidding  everyone for that one (it sold for 1200.00!)

Another elderly lady was telling me she attended one of Mr. Burgman's parties years ago when  she was quite young. The front Persian Parlor was emptied out and used for dancing. I imagine it was quite the elegant affair. This home and building has so many happy memories for so many people.

The big find was gentleman who stopped by to show me his Burgman memorabilia . He had an original Burgman  Billhead from 1908 and a Burgman Beer bottle.

Speaking of bottles, we cleaned out the cellar under the saloon and have bunch of old bottles. We are keeping a couple but will clean up the rest and sell in eth shop. These are great old green and amber glass bottles.

Business has been great and the number of people coming through our doors exceeded my expectation's. The next push will be to glaze windows for winter and get the back shop space ready for us to expand and offer more inventory.

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