Sunday, January 17, 2016

Parlor Settee with History

I am always fascinated about how history gets from point "A to B". We acquired this settee a while back in rather deplorable condition from an antique dealer in Southern Indiana. As is often the case it has sat for a while until we could get around to reupholster and get it to showroom floor. In this case we have had this for about 3 years and just couldn't get around to with the move and all.

Usually these pieces have been redone several times over their lives and this one was no exception. At least this one still retained its original; springs and had never suffered the indignity of being painted. Upholstery  usually involved removing several layers ( same here) but its rare to find a manufacturers label.

Imagine my surprise when under the padded arm I located the original Label. The piece was manufactured by the Northwest Parlor Suit Company. 387-701 Cybourn Ave, Chicago Illinois.
Northwest was a big concern started by a very ambitions your man as we found doing some research

"The factory and office of this company are located at Nos. 687 to 701 Clybourn avenue and 28 to 36 A street. The main building is 40x212 feet in dimensions and four stories high. It is fitted up in hands as a representative one, while personally Mr. Payne affords an admirable example of the self-made man. At the early age of seventeen, with creditable self-reliance ."

Interesting to note: even though this was a factory piece it is made of walnut everywhere . Even the supports and blocks , normally made of lesser woods  is walnut.  So  this was either an ordered piece or over the years had make a 200 mile trip to where we  found it. We may never know all the history but its nice to know its an interesting tidbit out there.

For the restoration of this fine settee, we selected a silk blend Blue and golden damask. It is  a very "high style fabric" and would have been best suited for limited use in the formal parlor of  a home. The fabric is complimented by the back done in a solid and the entire piece has  a lovely light French blue gimp

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