Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Burgman Building Updates: Kitchen removal and landscape restorations

It's been a while since we posted updates because we have just been too busy.  The latest big thing has been stencils in the hallway and we now are adjusting paint colors to get the correct shades, but soon we begin stenciling

Warmer weather has meant we can now work outside and we have been at it every chance we get. We have started uncovering the foundation of the old carriage barn and for now at least it will make a great patio.

We are also trying to get the beds in order and we have divided and transplanted  over 70 Hostas and hundreds of daylilies and tulips that were so tightly packed together they had little room to grow and we hope to finish excavation of the pond and stream and have it ready soon.

The "great wall o kitchen" is now history! The cabinets are gone and now we have some plaster repairs and painting to do but the rear showroom looks better and we gained a couple hundred square feet of  floor space.

Just a little over month until the Logansport Landmarks Preservation Pitch-in Picnic (May 22nd) and our open house/tour of work to date upstairs

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