Monday, September 5, 2016

Year Two: The shop feels "right".

A recent acquisition: displayed, as always, in a room vignette to help you visualize how it might look in your home
We just recently started Year two of our shop, Our first day was August 29, 2015. We started with just the front room, It was a "little sparse" as we were still bringing things in.

When we opened we had a lot of blank floor space. Today its a different story
The shop has been an evolution and the naysayer's who said your crazy to open in a small town have been proved , well wrong, To date people have made pilgrimages from 22 states.

Now with two showrooms, and a full inventory, we can offer you a great shopping experience
Our goal is , now and always will be Victorian Furniture and Design and we will always provide a variety of price points for our clients. We understand that many of you are sinking your life savings in your historic home and Antiques are a bit of  a "nicety" that always take a back seat to saws and paint stripper and the inevitable "unforeseen" event that goes with old home ownership.

So as we enter year two and head into our second holiday season we are cautiously optimistic that we "have it right" and we thank you for your support and patronage.

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