Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Busy fall days, Many projects, Burgman Building

Well fall is upon on and I have about 1/2 the things done I wanted to at this point, but I always make a long list, so really, we have got a lot done.

Landscape work has paid off and the corner looks great, we have even expanded around the side a bit and was able to get some ornamental Switch grass planted and some bulbs and tubers for next spring

Inside the Garland Parlor is the quiet place to sit and  read a bit in the evening. So a little bit of proper space in the residence is just what I need.

Window restoration has been a big priority and while I didn't get as many done as I wanted we have a start.

In the Dining Room we have begun the paint removal process to get down to the original paint finish which has been shellacked and would have made any new painting impossible without getting down to original paint. Its slow going and the perfect project when you do not what to think about anything.

The big score of late has been this Neo Grec Gaslight which will wind up in either the Dining Room or Garland Parlor, haven't decided yet.

More to come

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