Saturday, December 2, 2017

Burgman Building : Design project

Thought I'd share our Drapery cornice design for our library. This was a small kids bedroom that was off our Garland Parlor. Its really more like a "nook room" at 8x12 feet but it has a number of design problems because the window is not centered there is a protruding bumpout on the right from a chimney that services a old wood stove in the past. We are doing a Turkish theme in the room so I've come up with this wooden moroccan drapery cornice that will be anchored by a column on the left and cover the brick bumpout on the right. We will be designing some elaborate Turkish drapes so this will resemble a larger window with the drapes pulled back to one side and we plan on putting stained glass in the window. Now comes the fun part of building it. Stay tuned for updates.

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