Thursday, February 28, 2019

Extreme Chair Makeover: Turkish Parlor Chair

Finding an 'exotic' parlor chair suitable for a Turkish parlor is next to impossible, a pair of high end chairs could set you back 10 grand or more IF you could even find them.

So how do you get "the look" without spending a ton of money? Well with a simple new slipper chair and some imagination. We already had these chairs from staging a house a few years ago and they are study and somewhat comfortable but in their  sold form they are contemporary boring seating. These actually came from Target and at least has a sort of Moroccan upholstery.

This is the chair before and its your typical big box chair that colts together and "instant chair"

Now these chairs sit higher than Victorian era chairs so we elected to cut  2 1-2 inches off the legs
You would not have to do this but we think it makes the chair look more "era authentic" We used a black base fabric that had a slight floral design and has some shine on  it. We doubled this fabric to give it more weight and durability and in this case the black skirt is 7 1/2 inches long. This immediately changes the scale of the chair. At the same time we added fabric to the top which duplicates the style of exotic chairs in the Victorian era.

The black fabric created the backdrop for the 5 inch Gold lace fringe which was applied to the skirt and the top with glue. Although we elected to do some sewing on this project this could be done no sew with hem tape and adhesive.

So there you have it, a Turkish parlor chair for less than 150.00.

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