Saturday, July 13, 2019

Pottier & Stymus Parlor Set: A Fabulous Find!

August Pottier and  William Pottier established  a partnership in 1859 On Broadway in NYC. By 1875 The firm of Pottier & Stymus has established itself as one of the premier furniture designers and decorators in the US and generated over 1.1 Million Dollars in Sales and astounding figure in the Victorian Era for a furniture firm. They employed over 700 men and 50 women and manufactured what is considered to be the most desirable of furniture in the Victorian era. Their designed graced some of the finest homes in the United States including the white house

However given their popularity with the wealth class and the prodigious amount of high end furniture they produced, Little of it is around today. As tastes changed , pieces were tossed to the curb,  sold off to second hand stores or given away to the hired help. Fast forward 150 years and  it extremely rare to find individual pieces much less a parlor set.

But that's what we do FIND the hard to find and in our showroom , right now, is a three piece Pottier & Stymus parlor set.  This set had somehow made it was to the Midwest and the Chicago area.

We estimate it was upholstered in last in the 1970's. In a  lovely rust  banding with a small pattern center upholstery, it is done to follow the original upholstery in terms of its design, Other than exhibiting some sun fade it appears to have been rarely , if ever, sat in.

The lovely black walnut frame is executed with incised designs with gilt accents.

We are quite honored to offer this three piece parlor set in our showroom.

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